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Voorwaarden Adobe Rent-a-Car

Algemene voorwaarden bij het huren van een auto in Costa Rica:


Beschikbare auto’s:

EFNR Suzuki Jimny 4WD or similar
IFMR Hyundai Creta* 2WD ST or similar
IFAR Hyundai Creta* 2WD AT or similar
CFNR SsangYong Tivoli 4WD ST* o similar
DFNR SsangYong Korando 4WD ST*, Daihatsu Bego 4WD ST o similar
IFNR Hyundai Tucson IX35 4WD ST or similar
IFBR Hyundai Tucson IX35 4WD AT or similar
SFBR Hyundai Santa Fe 4WD AT or similar
FFBR Mitsubishi Montero Sport 4WD AT*, Isuzu MU-X 4WD AT or similar
PFBR Ford Explorer 4WD AT or similar
XVMR Hyundai H1 or similar
XVAR Hyundai H1 AT or similar
SQNR Isuzu DMAX or similar

 Verzekeringstarieven per dag in US$

EFNR 19,21 6,78 20,35
IFMR 21,47 6,78 20,35
IFAR 21,47 6,78 20,35
CFNR 21,47 6,78 20,35
DFNR 21,47 6,78 20,35
IFNR 21,47 6,78 20,35
IFBR 21,47 6,78 20,35
SFBR 23,73 9,04 20,35
FFBR 28,25 9,04 20,35
PFBR 28,25 9,04 20,35
XVMR 23,73 6,78 20,35
XVAR 23,73 6,78 20,35
SQNR 23,73 6,78 20,35

*Inclusief in de huurprijs voor klanten van Edventure. Bovengenoemde tarieven zijn geldig vanaf 1 juli 2019.

Authorized Additional Drivers
The authorized driver must be at least 21 years old and less than 80 years old.

One additional driver is free of charge. A third driver costs US$4 per day.
In any case the driver must have a driver license with at least 2 years of issue.
The rental agreement only includes one main driver.

Road Assistance Service (ERA)
Road assistance includes tow truck, mechanical issues, continous trip, locksmith service, etc. Cost: US$4 per day. 24/7 service in the whole country. Included when taking SPP.

Rental of Accessories
GPS has a cost of US$9 per day. Theft, lost or damage to the unit has a deductible of US$250.
Portable WIFI has a cost of US$10 per day, theft, lost or damage to the unit has a deductible of US$100.
Baby Seat US$3 per day – Booster Seat US$1 per day
Mobile phone US$10 for the whole rental period.

US$100 penalty for excessive dirt.
US$250 penalty for smoking in the car.
US$100 penalty for losing the car documents.
US$100 penalty for losing the car plates.
From US$150 to US$500 penalty for losing the car key.

Guarantee Deposit

Only Credit Cards accepted to rent a vehicle
Credit Card holder must be the renter (main driver)

Car Rental Requirements

  1. Valid Driving License from its country of origin, the renter and the driver(s) must present it in original. A driving license issued abroad – varies from country to country- is valid from 30 to 90 days in Costa Rica according to the immigration entry stamp data on passport.
  2. Driver license must be printed in Roman alphabet. For Arabic, Chinese, Japanese, Cyrillic, Hebrew, etc. driver licenses, it has to be complemented by an International driving license.
  3. Present your valid passport and driver license at time of pick up.
  4. Present your Credit Card (only MasterCard, VISA or American Express accepted) to cover the US$750 deposit of guarantee required for renting a car. No cash deposit is allowed.
  5. Minimum rental age is 21 years old, maximum rental age is 80 years old.

Traffic Fines
Amount according to the violation of the Traffic Legislation, full responsibility of the client for the traffic fine.


Liability Protection (PLI), obligatory

Basic coverage in damages to third parties properties involved in an accident

Coverage limit of $20,000 for damages to third parties properties. Deductible of 0%.
Coverage limit of $100,000 for injury or death of third parties involved in an acccident.
Insurances from companies via internet or bought abroad are not accepted
Guarantee deposit de US$750 will be required in credit card.

Car Protection (LDW) is included in the rentalprice!

Coverage for direct car damages, colision and tipping the car over.
Coverage for total or partial theft of the rented car.

Deductible of US$1000 for direct car damages, colision or tipping the car over.  Vandalism damages, tow truck and road assistance not included
Deductible of US$1000 for total or partial theft of the rented car

Guarantee deposit de US$750 will be required in credit card.

Total Protection (SPP)

Damage coverage for $100,000usd to third parties properties.
Coverage of $4,000,000 for injury or death to third parties involved in an accident.
Zero deductible for direct car damages, colision and tipping the car over.  it also covers windows, car lights, vandalism, tow truck and road assistance.
Zero deductible for total or partial car theft.

A guarantee deposit of $100usd will be required in credit card if client does not decline PLI or LDW.

Coverage Exclusions

When the driver has any incident and is under the influence of alcohol or drugs
When the vehicle suffers damages and the driver is not authorized in the rental contract
Damages of any type caused by driving  thru rivers, lakes, beaches, mangrooves, flooded roads or off-road
Fail in the obligation to provide to the rental agency the accident report given by the Transit Officer and the accident report with the Insurance Inspector.
Fail to report the accident to the rental agency immediately after the event takes place
6. Violations of the Costa Rica Traffic Legislation are full responsibility of the client

Combinaciones Posibles // Possible Combinations Depósito // Deposit Condición // Conditions
PLI  $             750.00 Decline LDW & SPP – Can hire ERA
PLI + LDW  $             750.00 Decline SPP – Can hire ERA
PLI + LDW + SPP  $             100.00 Does not Decline LDW – Includes ERA
PLI + SPP  $             100.00 Decline LDW – Can hire ERA


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